October 29, 2011, the ninth generation Civic in the official listing in the country. From the eighth generation Civic in 2006 when the domestic launch has been up to 5 years, but the nine generations of models seem to have long-awaited domestic consumers some disappointment, it may be due to eight generations of Civic in the country is too successful in the upcoming launch of a new generation Models when we all have more, greater expectations. The results of the market, and did not make people shines in the configuration, there is no more particularly novel design. Caught between the eight generations and ten generations of the nine generations, really make me feel strange in appearance, whether it is the proportion of the body or lines. But as the Hondas genuine models, still do not lack it to build the fans. Maybe I do not appreciate this model, but it does not prevent me from sharing the case of its conversion, especially for todays completion of this very high Civic Si. After all, radish cabbage, each have love, must have the reader of this work.